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Yoga to Suit Everybody

‘I believe that yoga can be beneficial to everybody.  Focus on working to your own individual strengths, listen to your body and show kindness towards yourself.’

Laura Bartle

Founder, Yoga with Laura B

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Hatha Yoga

On a physical level, classes aim to help develop awareness of your body, improve flexibility, and range of motion whilst working on stability.

Pregnancy Yoga

Our pregnancy classes are geared towards helping expectant mums stay strong, mobile and relaxed during this unique and special time.

Post Natal Yoga

Our postnatal classes are especially designed for the postnatal period. Suitable from your 6-week GP check or when you are given the ‘OK’ to resume exercise.


Laura was introduced to hypnobirthing through teaching pregnancy yoga and was astounded at the positive impact it could have on one’s experience.

Why Choose Us

Is Yoga right for me?

Our philosophy is that yoga can benefit everybody, no matter your size, shape or flexibility.

For us, yoga is not necessarily about getting into particular shapes or looking good for instagram (though this can be fun)! It is about exploring movement, stillness, and breath with open curiosity. Let go of any perceived ideals, habits, and unhelpful patterns. By letting go, we go on a journey of discovery and create a deeper connection with ourselves: mind, body and soul.


If you have any queries or need more information, please get in touch to discuss your individual needs.

The Best of Yoga


Feel restored and invigorated

Strength Building

Strengthen your body and sharpen your mind

Stress Relief

Maintain good mental health

Relax & Refresh

Soothe and balance the nervous system

Be Confident

Build confidence in your body and mind

Mind & Soul

Nourish and rest your heart, mind and soul

About Laura

Laura Bartle

Laura Bartle

Yoga Instructor and Hypnobirthing Teacher

Laura developed an interest in yoga as a teenager, continuing her practice at home for years. However it was in 2009, when she began attending classes, that she truly fell in love with yoga. Her asana practice improved and she loved the effect yoga and meditation had on her body, mind and soul.



What people are saying

“Laura is a fantastic yoga teacher! She focusses classes to address any issues I have.”

Jess H

Yoga Student

“I completed a KGHypnobirthing course with Laura and found it amazingly helpful.”

Lauren J

KGHypnobirthing Mum

“Laura has such a calming and loving nature. Her classes make me feel relaxed and so much more connected.”

Katie F

Yoga Student

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